"Roberta offers a turnkey system for purchasing, remodeling, renting and accounting rental properties.  Her expertise is a home run over and over.  We don't do anything with real estate in Des Moines without Roberta."

-- Brian K., St Cloud, MN (investor)

"Roberta was a referral from a friend of ours.  She helped us find a property and had it rented before our first payment was due.  We've bought #2 and are looking for #3 now."
-- Jason B., Des Moines, IA (investor)

"We've rented from McAfee Realty before so were thrilled to be able to rent from them again when we moved back to Des Moines.  We love Roberta.  We recommend McAfee Realty to all our friends."
-- Tracy W., Des Moines, IA (rental resident)